So why use Aylesbury Underfloor Heating?

Underfloor heating works by circulating warm water through a series of continuous pipe loops fitted underneath your floor. The pipework creates a large radiant surface which heats your home from the floor upwards.  This radiant heat is very different to the convected heat provided by radiators.  Radiators work by drawing cold air across your floor, heating it and the convecting it upwards towards the ceiling. The use of radiant heat rather than convected heat will provide you with a number of significant benefits.

The main advantage of underfloor heating is its high level of performance. Radiant heat means that the warmth is concentrated where it is needed most. Temperatures higher up in a room are generally around 2°C lower than at floor level so underfloor heating is perfect to keep you comfortable.

It is very controllable heat too. You can give each room varying heat output according to the time of the day and location. You can enjoy uniform heat even in the largest rooms - no cold areas and no draughts. Because of its gentler, more even heat and lower variations in humidity, it is even better for furniture.

Cost Energy Savings

In this time of ever increasing energy bills, underfloor heating is an extremely cost effective option. Although installation costs are generally higher than a traditional radiator heating system, the superior efficiency of the system combined with the optional flexibility of controlling each room separately, means that your running costs will be significantly lowered and the ongoing savings on your energy bills will quickly outweigh the initially higher outlay.

flexibility-greyComplete flexibility
With multiple control options, your comfort is achievable at the press of a button. Underfloor heating is invisible and being under the surface gives you a totally flexible layout with no radiators to limit interior designs and furniture arrangements. Underfloor heating can also add value to property through its silent operation and lower running costs.

energy-greyEnergy efficient
Underfloor heating is the most energy efficient way of transferring heat into any room since it works by radiation, from the floor surface onto other surfaces in the room and from there heating the airspace. This is a more natural form of heating and requires lower flow temperatures due to its increased surface area.

Underfloor heating is an integral part of the green revolution in contemporary heating and cooling solutions. It requires much lower water temperatures than conventional heating systems, it can be connected to a range of eco-friendly heat generators like solar panels and geo-thermal heat pumps making it the natural partner for many heating and cooling solutions in the renewables sector.

healthier-greyHealthier environment
Radiant energy is emitted by the floor making it the warmest part of the room with the air cooling as it rises, with the coolest air at the ceiling and the warmest air at the floor level, where we want it to be. This radiation method creates fewer draughts and dust movements and explains why underfloor heating is considered to be the most comfortable and healthy form of heating. For those who have it, few ever want to return to conventional systems.

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